Soulful Living

Soulful Living is for those seeking a deeper relationship with, and experience of, the Sacred, fueling individual and collective journeys to uncover, reclaim, and celebrate our wholeness and authenticity. We offer skillful guidance and time-honored practices from diverse wisdom traditions, as well as to celebrate the fellowship and experiences these practices may foster, ultimately bringing meaning and purpose to people’s lives.

Our Mission: Fueling individual and collective journeys to uncover, reclaim, and celebrate our wholeness and authenticity.

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Honoring Loved Ones Through Story:
Altered Books as Treasure, Heirloom, Memory

Led by Teresa Yatsko
January 20, 2017
9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
St. Paul’s Memorial Room

Valentine’s Day is coming.  To prepare for this day of love, who are those in your life – currently or those who have gone before – that you might wish to honor?  Altered books are are ideal for creating a beautiful piece to keep or give – to show your love toward another or toward some part of your own experience you would like to capture in a unique way.

Equal parts craft and mixed media collage, they are often defined as a book, old or new, that has been recycled by creative means into a work of art. They can be rebound, painted, cut, twisted, folded, added to, collaged in, gold-leafed, rubber stamped, drilled, or otherwise ornamented into unusual pieces. 

Join us in this session with Teresa Yatsko, altered book artist, to explore the ways in which altering books can unlock creative potential and provide a means for telling a story that wants to be told.  Perhaps it’s honoring the memory of a family member or re-creating a special place from childhood.

Teresa will send advance guidance to get you thinking – combing through memory to discover the story line, and exploring materials and methods.  After sifting and scouring through sources of diverse materials, such as old photos and scraps of cloth, paper and natural objects, you’ll bring materials to make a work of art that wants to be known. 

On January 20, you’ll begin and perhaps even complete a piece that bubbles up from within.

Keep it as a family heirloom – give it away as gift for wedding, baby or other special occasion.

Please register by January 8, 2018!

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Pilgrimage as a Way of Life

Led by Debbie Allen
Wednesdays: Jan 31, Feb 28, Mar 28, April 25
7:00 – 9:00 PM
St. Paul’s Durham Room

“Wanderer, there is no way, the way is made by walking.” ~Antonio Machado~

It is easy to get lost in the seemingly random experiences of everyday life.

What if we looked at our lives through the lens of pilgrimage: as a sacred journey, a response to a call, an opportunity to be transformed on every level of our being and to share the insight and wisdom we have gained with others?

The stages of pilgrimage provide us with a way of understanding our inner and outer journeys.  During each session of this offering, a variety of approaches will be used to explore these stages and relate them to where we have been, where we are now, and where we feel called to go.  You will be invited to discover the threads that are woven throughout the fabric of your life and to deepen your sense of purpose, wonder, and gratitude for the gifts that make your journey unique.

The themes of pilgrimage, outlined in Christine Valters Paintner’s book, The Soul of a Pilgrim, will guide each session.

January 31: Hearing the Call and Responding;  Packing Lightly

February 28: Crossing the Threshold;  Making the Way by Walking

March 28: Being Uncomfortable;  Beginning Again

April 25: Embracing the Unknown;  Coming Home

Honoring and supporting each other’s journeys will be emphasized.

This offering takes place on one Wednesday per month for four months. It is hoped that the space between each gathering will provide time for reflection and integration and that the whole experience will become a pilgrimage in itself.

Please plan to attend all four sessions.  The group will be limited to 12 members.

Registration is full for this offering.  If you wish to be placed on a wait list, please send a request to  If an opening occurs, you will be notified.

Feeling Well is Within Reach!

Healing and Preventative Health with Ayurveda

Led by Rachel Bush
Thursdays: February 8, 15, 22
5:30 – 7:00 PM
St. Paul’s Durham Room

Want to be rested, sleep peacefully, and feel well?

Overworked, under-rested, and exhausted seem to have become a new national pastime.  Join us as we explore a healthy alternative within our reach.

Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing. It teaches us how to be in harmony with cycles of nature and the seasons through choices about our diet and lifestyle. Not everyone has the same needs when it comes to their health and Ayurveda teaches us to honor ourselves as unique and sacred.

In this 3-week series, you will learn the foundations of Ayurveda, otherwise known as the science of life, and how to integrate this knowledge into your daily routine in delicious and practical ways. Rachel Bush will guide us through the five elements, the three doshas, what it means to be in and out of balance and how to restore balance when it is lost. We will explore how to know your dosha and how to make unique choices about your own health and well-being.  

Feb 8: Introduction to Ayurveda is a lively and entertaining overview, with tea and snacks appropriate for the season. Take away key learnings unique to your ‘dosha’ or particular make-up.

Feb 15: Food according to Ayurveda – learn how to integrate the knowledge of Ayurveda into your diet and daily routine, and explore small adjustments that can impact energy, attitude and reduce health concerns.

Feb 22: Sleep according to Ayurveda – In this class we will explore sleep from an Ayurvedic perspective and learn a bedtime ritual to help you rest deeper and longer each night.

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Gregorian Chant as Spiritual Practice

Led by Jayne Demakos
April 7, 2017
2:00 – 5:30 PM
St. Paul’s Sanctuary

Come immerse yourself in the world of Gregorian Chant as we move from Winter into Spring. Listening as well as singing simple chants, we will explore how Gregorian Chant is a form of prayer. We will explore such questions as: why does Gregorian Chant feel timeless? Why do certain Chant modes evoke certain emotional responses?  Can we distill the text to support our universal human condition? How is our prayer life supported in understanding and experiencing these Chant qualities?

This offering is a one-time session on Saturday, April 7. Family and friends are invited to join in a simple meal. Following our meal, we will all share together what we have learned and experienced in the afternoon class.

Cost for this offering is $20 (including a meal). Pre-registration is required by March 19, 2018.

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Centering Prayer will return in May 2018. Please watch for details!

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