Ministry Opportunities


There are myriad ways to get involved at St. Paul’s, and ministry opportunities for every type of personality! Please contact the main office (273-5971, and let us know which of the following interest you, and we’ll link you up with the right person.

Thank-you very much in advance for helping to make St. Paul’s the amazing place that it is!

* All Church Events (Italian Dinner, Casowasco Retreat, Christmas Reception, etc.)

* Alumni EMAIL Newsletter Editor

* Cards for Loving Care Ministry

* Choir Singers

* Church Building Maintenance

* Coffee Hour Helpers

* Committee Members (click HERE to view the current Church Leadership Roster)

* Communion Servers (in church and for those who are unable to get to church)

* Drivers (to help people get to church)

* Faith Discovery Teachers (for 3-4 year olds)

* Faith Explorer Teachers and Guides (for children in grades K-6)

* Gardeners

* Greeters

* Labyrinth Team

* Musicians (to perform during church services)

* Newsletter Folding Group

* Offering Counters

* Office Help

* Prayer Chain (members pray for the needs of anyone in the church community)

* Scripture Readers

* Ushers

* Visitations (with those who are unable to participate in the active life of the church)

Of Current Interest