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Volunteer Opportunity with Global Roots Play School

On weekday mornings this year, St. Paul’s is hosting the Global Roots Play School, a new project of Ithaca Welcomes Refugees.  The Play School currently reaches from 12 to 20 children, ages 18 months to 5 years, from diverse backgrounds, especially welcoming children of adult ESL students.   Play School staff are looking for a community volunteer or two to help organize morning snacks for the children and their families.  The snack volunteer(s) might work with food donations or volunteer shoppers from Ithaca Welcomes Refugees—or could take on such tasks as a personal ministry.  If this opportunity for outreach to children and families speaks to you, Play School director Bronwyn Losey, 607-398-0467 or director@globalrootsplayschool.org, would love to talk about the possibilities.

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